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321 Bauta Musica

From our "Commedia dell'arte" series, the Bauta Musica mask (Code 321) has been hand made in Venice using traditional techniques dating back centuries. Hand-painted by artisans, the use of vibrant colours adorned with a gold finish, makes this mask is an attractive addition to any collection. Alternatively, this unique mask could be made into a wall hanging to beautify any home.

And when the occasion arises take this delightful piece to your favourite mascerade ball or costume party.

Made of Paper mache and individually decorated, no two masks are alike ensuring the owner has a unique piece of Italian craftsmanship. This mask is light and comfortable to wear and is secured at the back of the head with two black ribbon ties.

Mask Colours Gold-Ivory
Mask Dimensions 18cm * 17cm * 17cm
Primary Materials Paper mache
Additional Features Music highlights on mask
Mask Name Bauta Musica

Note to customers: Colours may vary from the images provided as each mask is hand decorated.

Quantity:    AUD 99.00