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Writing & Wax Seal Set in Murano Glass with SINGLE INITIAL (SET73)

Traditional wax seal set made by Bortoletti, Venice. Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica, was founded in a small laboratory on the edge of the Venice lagoon in 1980.

Product inclusions:
1 * Murano Glass dip-pen with bronze antique style filigree detail
1 * Wax seal (select from either a Cursive or Gothic Design) with Murano Glass handle
1 * Red Wax stick 13cm in length. Approximately 20 wax seal impressions can be expected from this single stick of wax.
1 * Bronze penrest with antique styled filigree design
1 * 10ml bottle of ink
1 * Bortoletti branded gift box with a certificate of authenticity.

Please note: We ask that the customer either select a Cursive design single initial (OPTION 1) or a Gothic design single initial (Option 2). Please do not select both options. Please also select your preferred Murano Glass handle.

Wax Seal Initial in Cursive Design (OPTION 1): ABCDEFG
Wax Seal Initial in Gothic Design (OPTION 2): ABCDEFG
Colour: BlackBlueLight BlueTurquoise
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